Subject Re: incorrect results, still :-(
Author martinknappe
> You are still fiddling with :id_prior and :asterm_prior which are used
> in the outer query. Why don't you write it like this:

I just tried it. It doesnt help.
What's interesting to know:

asterm from dicentries where id = 34 is 'Lackreiniger, m'

select * from next_20_by_asterm('Lackreiniger, m', 34) gives me the
wrong result


select * from next_20_by_asterm('Lackreiniger, m', 0) gives me the
right result (as there happen to be no other records where asterm =
'Lackreiniger, m' beside record with id 34)

You can try for yourself with the sample database (but you need to
install the fbintl2.dll into your firebird intl directory provided you
have fb running under windows:

Thanx again,