Subject Re: Backup strategy
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Would you mind sharing you batch file here ? I have been using the
GBAKsched.exe utility that I downloaded years ago, but have had to
stop compressing the backup file due to its problem with its zip
compression routine.

For my Linux Firebird servers I use a script executed by Cron and it
works great,

- Lou

--- In, "Steiner Christian"
<csteiner@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> IMHO the backup via gbak is the only way to ensure that you have
> reliable backups.
> i use a batch-file called by the windows scheduler to backup my database
> via gbak.
> The batch rotates a 6-day-cycle, compresses the backup-file, writes a
> logfile
> and inform me via email about the backup.
> best regards,
> Chris