Subject Re: Exact timestamp w/o using UDF?
Author Adam
Just so there is no confusion:

> >>Current_TimeStamp = Start of transaction and doesn't change till next
> >>Transaction is started.

Is a bit misleading.

Both 'now' and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP will change during the single
transaction. This is pretty easy to test


Open iSQL or equiv, and run:

select current_timestamp from RDB$DATABASE;

now wait a few seconds and run in the same window:

select current_timestamp from RDB$DATABASE;


But there is indeed a difference in behaviour between 'now' and
current_timestamp and it is to do with the current operation. It is
pretty easy to explain using an update statement:

update SomeHugeTable set
SomeTimestamp = 'now';

May end up having different timestamps on the first and last records
updated, while:

update SomeHugeTable set

Will have the same timestamp on each record.

Can someone please clarify how a stored procedure or a trigger is
considered with respect to the operation that defines CURRENT_TIMESTAMP?