Subject Re: [firebird-support] My uncommited transaction is growing fast
Author Ann W. Harrison
Mohammad Jeffry wrote:

> Restarting the db didn't reduce the diff between Oldest transaction and
> Oldest active for my FB. Is this not normal?

The difference between the oldest snapshot and the next causes
most performance problems, not the difference between the
oldest and the oldest active. The former (oldest snapshot
to next) stops garbage collection and the database fills
with unnecessary record versions. The latter (oldest to
oldest active) just affects the size of an array checked
for transaction states. Back in the very old days, that
was important because memory was so limited. Today it
doesn't matter.

Stopping all active transactions - by shutting down the
database, for example - will bring the oldest snapshot up
close to the next transaction. To move the oldest
transaction, you'll need to do a sweep or backup and restore.