Subject Re: multithreading status (with jdbc2 connections)
Author Adam
--- In, "benow74" <andy@...> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm investigating the use of firebird for some performance intensive
> applications and have heard that there are issues with multithreaded
> access. Are those issues still there? How would it deal with a multi
> cpu/multi core environement? Any multi-threading issues with jdbc
> type 2 (native) database connections?

What specific issues do you refer to?

The client library is not threadsafe, but all that means is that each
thread needs its own connection.

If you have a multi-cpu environment, then Classic Server tends to make
better use of SMP than Superserver, but Superserver shares a cache
between connections so there is no simple answer, just test it and use
the one which gives the best performance in your environment.

There may or may not be specific issues to jdbc, I would suggest you
ask on that list.