Subject Re: Database Size Limit
Author Adam
> I'm using Ms Windows 2000 server and installed firebird 1.53 on it.
> I'd like to transfer my 10 Gb ms SQL database to firebird.
> I've read that there's database size limit (or maybe file size
> limitation) on windows 2000 server.

The 2GB file size limitation is a limit of the Ms FAT32 file system
not of Firebird. NTFS has a limitation of 256TB, so providing you are
installing the database on a NTFS volume you will be fine.

> Do I need to create secondary file (or more) to handle this database?

Secondary files are useful only to overcome file system limitations.
If you exceed a limit of Firebird itself, no amount of additional file
system files will be useful. has a list of limits that should allow you to judge
whether FB can handle your database.

> Or this secondary will be created automatically by firebird ?

Nope, Firebird takes care of jumping onto the second file if that is
what you have defined, but it will never just create a new file on its
own accord.