Subject Re: SCO OSR5.x
Author skotaylor
--- In, "Stephen Boyd"
<sboydlns@y...> wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know how or where I can get a copy of Interbase or
> > FirebirdSQL to work on SCO UNIX ORS5.x?
> As far as I know the latest version of Interbase / Firebird that runs
> on SCO is Interbase 5.x. I still use this version on the few SCO
> systems that I still support. AFAIK it is no longer available.
> I tried to compile an early version of Firebird for SCO but was
> completely unsuccessful. I don't believe that the SCO specific code
> exists anymore in the latest versions of Firebird.

I can't get any versions to compile on SCO at all. I just need enough
to get the Perl modules running and able to communicate with a real
(uh Linux) server.

Any way you could post a set of binaries?