Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird BUG
Author Lester Caine
Top posting get confusing rodrigogoncalves ;)

> since about a week I'm getting this error in 2 of 7 servers of one of
> our clients:
> Database: /manager/gdb/EcomaxUBR2000.GDB
> operation was cancelled
> internal gds software consistency check (error during savepoint
> backout (290))

> A starting point might be what you are using to talk to Firebird, what
> is different between the 2 that fail and the 5 that are still working?

rodrigogoncalves wrote:

> That's the problem: there is no difference. Even the databases are the
> same (the data is replicated online through an in-house developed
> system using triggers). The numbers of users also is similar.

It would still be useful to know HOW you are generating the save point
in the first place and if possible what you are backing out. I presume
it is stopping at that point?

> What bothers me is that firebird's log show nothing that could help
> solving or identifying the problem :-/
And the database is messed up at that point? Might be useful if someone
could see what has messed up.

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