Subject Firebird BUG
Author rodrigogoncalves

since about a week I'm getting this error in 2 of 7 servers of one of
our clients:

Database: /manager/gdb/EcomaxUBR2000.GDB
operation was cancelled
internal gds software consistency check (error during savepoint
backout (290))

I've seached "the whole net" and found no answer to what may cause
this. I'm using the following version of Firebird (on Fedora Core
release 3 (Heidelberg)):

gfix version LI-V1.5.2.4731 Firebird 1.5

Any ideas what may be causing this? This is a 24x7 client and having
to gfix the database daily is very problematic to us. Firebird gives
me no hint on what may be causing it or where it is happening, so I
can't work out the problem...