Subject Re: Questions about DB Size and more.
Author Adam
Hi Michael,

A lot of Firebirds restrictions are inherited from the OS. For
example, 2GB File size limit on Fat32 etc. (Of course this can be
overcome using a real file system or by splitting the database across
several files).

Simultaneous connections are hardware dependent, but somewhere in the
range of 900 - 1024. Of course if you run out of RAM before then, you
wont get that many. But if you are sensible and use some sort of
connection caching in your data abstraction layer, you can serve a LOT
more concurrent users.

The limits you will likely encounter.

Maximum index size, 254 bytes.

This may be an issue if you are indexing long or multiple varchar
fields (and I suppose you need consider whether you are using a
multibyte charset here).

Object Name limits 27 - 31ish characters.

There is a limit in the number of transactions you can ever start
which is 4294967296 (2^32). This can be overcome by backing up then
restoring (which resets the transaction count to 0). You may never
encounter this limit, it just depends on what your system does, you
need to perform 100+ transactions per second constantly for over a
year to find this one.

This link should help a bit: (may be wrapped);FAQS;NAME='System+Limits'


> 13.
> Whats the highest amount of concurrent users connected to a FB DB
> known out there ?
> If you have other "funny" statistical information, let me know....
> Regards
> Michael