Subject Re[5]: [firebird-support] Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Andi Wangsadijaya
Halo Helen,

Pada 07 Januari 2006, 5:51:14, Anda menulis:

> 1. Changes to firebird.conf don't take effect until the server is shut
> down and restarted.

> 2. The "see-saw" effect occurs when one processor reaches near
> capacity: Windows swings the entire process over to the next
> hits 100% and immediately swings back....etc.

> 3. How are you actually testing what's going on?

> 4. I was talking to a CEO in Canberra last year, whose company distributes
> a POS system with a Firebird SS back-end as a hardware/software bundle. He
> said he had one favourite hardware setup with four CPUs that worked
> smoothly with affinity set to all four. He agreed to do a write-up for
> us. Unfortunately, it hasn't appeared yet so I can't give any more
> information. Perhaps by coincidence you have the same hardware and any
> performance problems you perceive are unrelated to SMP.

> ./heLen

I've shutdown the service and restarted the service in that test. But
as John vd Waeter said, may be the simple test is too simple, cause it
just use a local connection and didn't use remote connection
especially many connection.

Best regards,
Andi Wangsadijaya

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