Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Backup database
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:05 AM 7/01/2006 +0000, you wrote:
>--- In, "Bill Meaney"
><wameaney@t...> wrote:
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> > Filip,
> >
> > Try using D:\TEST\BACKUP\DB.FBK instead of \\PC1\BACKUP\DB.FBK
> >
> > You definitely can do what you want. In fact the output .fbk file
>can be on
> > a different machine. The main restriction is that the db file
>(.fdb) must
> > reside on the same machine as firebird server. The gbak process
>could be
> > run on a third machine if you wanted.
> >
> > Bill Meaney
> >
>I am using the backup/restore service instead of gbak. The meaning
>is to store the fbk file on a shared network folder so its available
>for a user from another machine, that's why i use the UNC format. it
>isn't allowed to use UNC format for the fbk file?

AFAIU, the UNC-format is specific to network services, representing a
network address for resources that are being accessed via WNET. Gbak is
cross-platform and expects a file specification (not an address) that
accords with the platform it is running on.

If you want to write the backup file to a shared resource, use a mapped
drive. I do that regularly when backing up databases between Windows

For example, some of my backups go to a machine in my network called
shorty, which has a drive D with a folder named dbbackup. My Win database
server (dev) has shorty's D-drive mapped as drive P. So, when I back up,
this works fine:

gbak -b i:\data\ADB.fdb p:\dbbackup\ADB.20060107.fbk