Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:42 PM 5/01/2006 +0100, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:

>I have one occasion, namely my development machine (Windows XP Prof.
>SP2), where I can't get Classic work either. I've tried nearly
>everything (incl. disabling any firewalls ...) without luck. One thing I
>haven't tried yet is re-installing the entire machine, which won't
>happen. ;-)
>At connect time, I'm seeing with TCPView for a short time (~1 second)
>one additional fb_inet_server.exe process and then the process
>disappears. I get one entry in the firebird.log file after that, namely:
>TOMSTONE Wed Jan 04 00:39:21 2006
> INET/inet_error: select in packet_receive errno = 10038

I recall when XP SP2 came out, there was some RAS bug that disabled the
entire range of localhost IP addresses except, i.e. it wouldn't
step up the final field of the address on successive localhost connections.
There's a hotfix for it. See;en-us;884020

(Just a blast from the past: I don't use XP on any of my servers...)