Subject Re: [firebird-support] calling an sp indirectly
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Marcelo wrote:

>Can I invoke an sp indirectly say, using its name, retrieved from a
>table from inside another sp?
>Ill explain what I want to do:
>I have a user table with a nested table of sp names which the user
>wants to be invoked on a timely basis. There would be an sp which
>would be invoked, say, every hour that would scan each user list of
>sps and fire them.
>In case you ask yourself what Im doing, it is a workflow system, and
>the sps which are suscribed by each user are various reports chosen
>from the db procedure table. These procedures send a mail to the user
>with the report (using FireUDFLib).
>Thanks, Marcelo.
you could do it on the client side.

Or you could take a look on the EXECUTE STATEMENT.

see you !

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