Subject Re: [firebird-support] RE: Reached end of file error - Interbase 5.6
Author Ann W. Harrison

The "reached end of file" error can occur after a crash
on Windows systems that don't have forced writes turned on.
By default, Windows caches all changes until the file is
closed, so the chances of losing newly created pages in the
database is quite high. If one of the older pages references
an unwritten page, the result is "Reached end of file".
Firebird avoids that problem in two ways. First, by default,
databases are opened with forced writes enabled. Second,
in V1.5, when forced writes are disabled, the cache is flushed
on a regular schedule that you can adjust in the firebird.conf

That's what happened. What can you do now? Restore from
a backup, turn on forced writes, and rerun the intervening
activity, or contact - they can create the missing
structural pages for you.