Subject Re[5]: [firebird-support] Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Andi Wangsadijaya
Hello Nigel,

On Wednesday, January 4, 2006, 6:36:39, You wrote:

>> You told that the performance of firebird superserver version will be
>> drop on SMP Machine (including dual core and hyperthreading). At the
>> other side, you told that performance will die if I change
>> the affinity
>> mask to two CPUs. Is that meaning if I leave the default value
>> (CPUAffinityMask = 1 or 2) the performance won't be drop? I'm already
>> read the manual, but I can find the answer of my question above.

> Here's another way of saying this.

> SuperServer can and will only use ONE CPU at a time.
> If you don't lock it to one CPU (via the affinity mask), your Operating
> System will rock it back and forth between CPU's causing more task swapping
> time than execution time, causing SuperServer to run VERY poorly.

> So, if you HAVE to run SuperServer on a multi-CPU (dual-core OR
> hyperthreading), lock it to one CPU.

> If you want real performance from your multi-cpu box, use classic, which
> will scale, and use all available processors.

> N.

Thank you very much for the information. That's already answer my
questions. Now, I'm know what I'm to do if I meet firebird on multi

Best regards,
Andi Wangsadijaya

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