Subject Re: [firebird-support] RE: Reached end of file error - Interbase 5.6
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:32 AM 4/01/2006 +0200, you wrote:
>Good day All
>I hope everybody had a great new year so far.
>Please forgive if this was asked before. I have searched google and
>ibphoenix so far
>but I don't really get a answer on this.
>We are running Interbase 5.6
>Database size : 1.5 gb
>Network protocol : Tcp/IP
>Max users : 15
>We have a database that has started giving funny reached end of file
>errors. We first thought it might be
>related to named pipe's protocol, but this is not used on the network.
>We then used CleverComponents Interbase Datapump to try and pump the data
>to a new database as a test and
>the program (That we believe is a VERY good program by the way) has also
>came back with Reached en of file errors.
>We then dit some validations and backup and restores and got the database
>to run so far. But we are expecting that it will
>fall over again as we don't really believe that we have solved the problem
>as we don't really know what went wrong.
>In short. We want to know if somebody can please just give us some idea on
>how to debug or start looking for some answers ?

What are you actually doing when you get an End of File error? Trying to
restore a database? The only InterBase error that I know of that has the
words "end of file" in the message is isc code 336330802
gbak_unexp_eof "Unexpected end of file on backup file".

Are you using the BDE? It does create files. Could be some problem with
that, e.g. lack of disk space to accommodate the Paradox files that the BDE

Or it might something more horrible, like you are on Win98 and a write is
getting to the 2Gb file size limit for FAT32 files and Windows itself is
giving you the "funny reached end of file errors".

Is there anything interesting in the interbase.log? Or is the log itself
perhaps getting excessively large?

There's not half enough information here...