Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: extract constraint from Domain
Author Alexandre Benson Smith

Thanks for you always clear (of a complex thing in the engine internals
that I don't know how works) description.

Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>That wouldn't work - and it wouldn't be the right thing to do, in my
>opinion. Triggers and procedures should operate in the client context.
>Rick's problem is that as currently implemented, foreign keys interact
>badly with a design flaw in the index code. The right solution is to
>fix the index implementation - as has been done in V2.0 - and consider
>a more abstract implementation of foreign keys that isn't tied into the
>index implementation, as will be done in the future.
Could not agree more with you.

>When I say it wouldn't work, what I mean is that the system transaction
>has a lot of context around the current state of transactions and the
>ability to wait for the resolution of potential conflicts. It's actions
>are also constrained by the coding of the engine. Putting that kind of
>power in a client option would be like handing an ax to a four year old.
I ask to know why it is a bad idea, I know your opnion abou transaction
isolation, and I could bet that you consider dirt read something very
very bad (like a random number generator :-) ). But, could it be a tool
that could bring power to the user when he needs it ?

My brother, has a daugther (almost 2 year old) he says "Don't be fooled
by his angelical face ! She is more dangerous with a plastic knife (the
kind that comes inside industrial cakes) in the hands than a
professional murderer with an rifle with a silenciator". So I just
dreamed about what she can do with an axe. :-)

>(Hmmm... does she consider the average Firebird programmer to be the
>equivalent of a four-year-old? No, she just has a bad cold and it's
>making her [even more] cranky.)
I don't see personal offense in the above statement, no problem.

But here in Brazil are pretty hot, just take another trip here to enjoy
our summer :-)


see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
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