Subject RE: Re[3]: [firebird-support] Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Nigel Weeks
> You told that the performance of firebird superserver version will be
> drop on SMP Machine (including dual core and hyperthreading). At the
> other side, you told that performance will die if I change
> the affinity
> mask to two CPUs. Is that meaning if I leave the default value
> (CPUAffinityMask = 1 or 2) the performance won't be drop? I'm already
> read the manual, but I can find the answer of my question above.

Here's another way of saying this.

SuperServer can and will only use ONE CPU at a time.
If you don't lock it to one CPU (via the affinity mask), your Operating
System will rock it back and forth between CPU's causing more task swapping
time than execution time, causing SuperServer to run VERY poorly.

So, if you HAVE to run SuperServer on a multi-CPU (dual-core OR
hyperthreading), lock it to one CPU.

If you want real performance from your multi-cpu box, use classic, which
will scale, and use all available processors.