Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Andi Wangsadijaya
Hello Alexandre,

On Monday, January 2, 2006, 22:51:18, You wrote:

> I have did a bunch of SS install over the years and some CS, to avoid HT
> problems.

> I can assure you that it works "out of the box". So for sure there is
> something wrong in your setup.

> if you can connect to port 3050 with telnet, this means:
> 0.) your TCP/IP are working properly
> 1.) The port is open in you firewall
> 2.) There is an app listening on that port
> 3.) The App accepts the connection made by Telnet.

> If you cannot conect using ISQL or any other FB client tool, could it be
> that there is another app listening on port 3050 ?

> May I suggest you to remove FB and any FB related file and start over
> again ?

> If you wish to do it, after removing FB try to connect to port 3050
> using telnet again and see if there is something accepting connectios,
> if so, then there is something other than FB.

> see you !

Thanks in advice. I've done that way, but still can't connect. Anyway,
when I tried to connect to port 3050 using telnet (with this command:
telnet localhost 3050, CMIIW), the telnet is also hang.

I've seen there is no other (except for the fb_inet_server) that is use
this port. I'm use software TCPView and has been found there if I
tried to connect to port 3050 (gds_db), the process is always in

Best regards,
Andi Wangsadijaya

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