Subject Re[4]: [firebird-support] Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Andi Wangsadijaya
Hello Helen,

On Monday, January 2, 2006, 22:02:21, You wrote:

> You have a network configuration problem. The most likely one is that you
> have XP and installed the service pack without opening port 3050 in the
> firewall.

The port 3050 is not blocking by the firewall. I've tested it. First,
I've tried to connect via that port with the IBExpert when the
firewall is turn on, and it success. And then second, I've tried to turn
off the firewall, but it still can't connected.

> Contrary to what someone else (wrongly) said, the local loopback server
> exists on any machine where TCP/IP is running. Test this by going to a
> command window and typing

> ping localhost

> You should also check whether TCP/IP is actually running, of course!

Yes, this test is running well.

> However, so far you haven't mentioned what version of Windows you are
> running. If your Windows is Server 2003, and you are using Remote Desktop
> locally, the local loopback might not be available, since Windows sees your
> RD as just another remote client and localhost can not be accessed by any
> remote client. In that case, you will need to use the machine's node name
> instead of localhost.

> ./heLen

I'm running on Windows XP with Service Pack 2. I'm using windows
firewall. But, even if firewall is turn off i still can't get
connected at firebird classic server (firebird super server is running

Best regards,
Andi Wangsadijaya

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