Subject Re: Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Adam
> I've tried to use the classic server version, but all the program
> can't be work (including IBExpert). Can you tell me how to make the
> program to be work? Or it must be re-compiled to configure to classic
> server?

They are interchangable, except Classic (on Windows) does not allow a
local connection string. You must use a TCP loopback instead. The best
way to configure it is to use an alias for the file path (add a line
to aliases.conf) eg

MyDB = c:\data\mydb.fdb

Then change your client connection string to


where serverhostname is the hostname or IP address (or localhost if it
is this machine).

Even for superserver, local connection only works for a single
connection at a time, where as the TCP connection allows as many
connections as the implementation (and hardware) can manage.