Subject Re: Need help with running for select... do loop through isql
Author josephhirn
Basically i need to loop through a set of document_page records using
the id and document_id of each record to insert a corresponding record
into endorsement using the document_page's id and document_id (id and
document_id are the concatinated key).

I would like to have seen constraints manage this, but we didn't and I
need a clean up script.

Basically i need :

for select id, document_id from docpage
where (...)
into :id, :document_id
do begin
insert into endorsement (id, document_id,...)
values (:id,:document_id,...)

--- In, "Nick" <nick@u...> wrote:
> the "for .. select do" syntax only works inside Procedures and
> it may be possible to do what you need without using it, please post
> the script needs to achieve
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> Nick
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> Our environment is gentoo linux kernel 2.1.10 and firebird 1.0.3. I
> would like call isql -in mySQL.sql and have this script execute but
> keep getting a message that FOR is an un known token.
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