Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Basic tests shows very poor performance
Author grostoon
Come on boy, it's a typo of course, it's mysql 3.23, not 2.23 !
Do you think I'm that stupid ? Why do you think I precised I used InnoDB tables not just MyISAM ones ???
Why do I have the strange feeling that some people here think I'm trying to attack FB ?
Once again, this is not the point at all. As I said above, I enjoy FB and I'm going to use it as an embeded database for a software I develop. This is just the database I was looking for ! Else why do you think I spend time to port it to AIX ?



Federico Tello Gentile <fgentile@...> wrote:
grostoon wrote:

> Ok, I did the test with postgresql 7.3, mysql 2.23, FB 1.53 and FB2.0.

¿MySQL 2.23? Did you know that DB is not transactional? It does not have
domain definitions, triggers or stored procedures. It has limited sql
capabilities and nonstandard sql features. If that is what you need,
what is the point of comparing it with postgresql or FB.


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