Subject RE: [firebird-support] Stored Procedures Left Outer Join
Author Alan McDonald
> The complete process of my app is a weekly huge insert from a file, using
> external files, and inmediatly after generate a report for the data
> reciently inserted (the table has a date field). Not intermediate
> deletes or
> updates. Also weekly, I delete records older than 90 days, preventing the
> table from growing indefinitely. The counts are also grouped on data that
> has been reciently inserted, so I don't think the auxiliar table is a
> solution.
> You say "definitely not using joined SPs anyway"
> why?

because they will often need to be fully evaluated for each record on the
left side of the join - very heavy - check the plan to see if this is the

> I tried to use also views, but I needed to pass parameters to the
> query, and
> I read in this list selectable stored procedures are like views
> and you can
> pass parameters to the query
> Diego

true, but the processing is too costly. Your bulk inserts can still use the
triggered approach but it depends which processing you can tolerate the
most. The triggered approach will cause lengthy insert times, but the group
retrieval will be ligthning fast.