Subject Re: Is Firebird Rock Solid?
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi Noname, (are you Rock Solid anough to give your name?)

FB is Rock Solid than other RDBMS if,

Your netwrok voltage RS (RockSolid),
Your Power Supply is RS,
Your Main board circuits is RS,
Your BIOS version is RS,
Your DISK elektromechanical system is RS,
Your OS kernel is RS,
Your Device Drivers are RS,
Your Application is RS,
Your DB design RS,
Your users RS anough to using computers,

We are using FB/IB since last millenium for hospital automation
There is no any RDBMS that i can prefer over FB.
(Oracle? may be, if you want to break-dance with elephants)

But, don't foget, FB is for clever developers, not for amateurs!
For user level, FB is for everybody, install&forget it.



--- In, "dancooperstock"
<dcoops@s...> wrote:
> (I've had some correspondence about this on the IB-Conversions
> but I was advised to move it here.)
> I am the developer of a free program with over 2,000 users,
> using Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere for its database. For various
> reasons, I'm considering switching to Firebird.
> My concern is that it has to be absolutely rock solid, zero
> administration, and as close to zero problems (e.g. database
> corruption) as possible. With Sybase ASA, I think in 5 years of
> supporting my program I have had only 1 or 2 users who have
> had a problem with their database.
> I've asked here before, and was told that yes, Firebird is just
> rock solid.
> However, I just read the first issue of The Interbase and Firebird
> Developer Magazine. I see there are ads in there for products like
> IBSurgeon (for repairing corrupted databases), IBFirstAid (for
> diagnosing and repairing common corruptions of InterBase and
> databases) and IBBackupSurgeon (for reading data from corrupted
> backups).
> The need for these programs has me worried about whether Firebird
> really rock-solid enough for me to use as the embedded DB in my
> application or not.
> Under what sorts of circumstances do Firebird databases, and their
> backups, tend to get corrupted?
> Thanks.