Subject Re: SS 1.0 on Solaris SPARC
Author robert_difalco
I could be garbage collection, but I would think maybe a bug in
garbage collection as we do not experience this with 1.0.3 on Windows.
I don't think GC would peg the CPU forever and never relent (the
longest we've let it go was 7 hours).

All the transactions are very short lived, most are less than a
second, the largest transactions may be around 5-10 seconds. Also note
that during this hours spent at 100% CPU, no time was spent on Disk IO.


--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@y...> wrote:
> Smells like a garbage collection thread to me. If so, the question
> becomes why are you accumulating so much garbage. Possibly it might
> help if you schedule a sweep during low activity period. In the long
> run, identify old transactions (generally long running ones) and make
> sure they are committed as soon as they have finished. Commit
> retaining is no good, commit needs to be run.
> Having old transactions lying around prevents garbage from being
> collected as it is stumbled upon. I believe low selectivity indices
> can also make sweep take a lot longer.
> Adam