Subject Re: [firebird-support] gback, gsec, gstat, isql inconsistencies
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello fedetxf,

> Specify User Specify Password Specify Role
> Gbak -user -pas -ro
> Isql -u -p -r
> Gsec -user -password -role
> Gstat -u -p n/a

> And when creating a new user the password is preceded by -pw, a
> new variation.

But that's actually a good thing, or you wouldn't be able to specify
your own password (as the connecting user) and the new pw for the user
you're adding/modifying in the same command.

Other than that, I share most of your frustration -- and I'm not even
talking about the different ways these tools interpret (or refuse to
interpret) double-quotes, or how the same tool treats them differently
depending on whether you are in batch mode or interactive mode...

Paul Vinkenoog