Subject Re: Can SQL be used in two DBs
Author Adam
--- In, Maurice Ling <beldin79@y...>
> Hi,
> This may be OT for the original question. I have a feeling that
> there is an increase in support queries for cross-database queries
> this type of emails). It brings me to wonder if there is an increasing
> need for work in this area. At the same time, I do not know if SQL99 or
> SQL2003 have support for this. However, I can see that with more
> federated databases, the need for cross-database operations may
> Just my opinions.
> Maurice

Of course there are uses for cross database operations. Particularily
to balance out loads etc, allowing you to sweep on section of database
the without impacting the performance of another section. Or
controlling access to different pieces of information between
organisations when no common authority is entrusted to manage it.

The question was simple enough. Can you do this in Firebird right now?
No. Is there other ways of achieving it? possibly but we dont have
much information in why they want the cross db query in this case.