Subject Re: Can SQL be used in two DBs
Author Adam
--- In, Aage Johansen <aagjohan@o...>
> Carlos Ortiz Quiros wrote:
> > I wonder if I could use two databases, one named
> > db1.fdb and the other db2.fdb. On db1 I have table1
> > with fields field1 as int, field2 as varchar(200) and
> > the same goes for db2.
> >
> > Question is:
> > Could I write a JOIN SQL to see which records are in
> > one table that are not in the other
> > Is it possible?
> No.
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> Aage J.

Just to repeat what Aage said, No.

You can however span the same transaction over multiple databases, so
your client program could request the data from both databases and
internally do the join.

It would not be particularily efficient if the tables were large. If
you are trying to do some sort of replication, then there are other
ways of achieving this.