Subject RE: [firebird-support] Is Firebird Rock Solid?
> I am the developer of a free program with over 2,000 users, currently
> using Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere for its database. For various
> reasons, I'm considering switching to Firebird.

A fortnight ago, we moved a large web-based system, with a large number
of users, to Firebird. We use FB 1.5.2 Classic on a multi-CPU Windows
2003 server, and administer it using InterBase Expert.

It's early days yet, so my experience should not be considered typical.
But I can say that so far: i) we've had no database corruption; ii) once
we'd re-designed our indexes and queries, performance has been good;
garbage collection causes us some problems--extended and uncontrollable
periods when the database works very hard; iv) the database has hung on
several occasions, and sometimes refused to accept new connections--we
suspect these problems may be caused by IBE rather than Firebird; v)
found this email list very helpful :-)