Subject Re: [firebird-support] What version of Windows does Firebird run on?
Author Sam Hunt
dancooperstock wrote:

> I'm considering converting a free app I wrote, used by churches and
> charities, to use Firebird. However, unfortunately small churches and
> charities often have very old computers, so that some of my users are
> probably still on Windows 95.
> Does Firebird run on all versions of Windows?

Gee! I know the answer to that!
YES! There a few considerations.
FAT32 OD's limit individual Firebird database files to 4GB (or is it 4
billion bytes?).
Of course, you can link FB DB's, so the final limitation is free space
on your server's hard drive.
Super Server runs on everything, but Classic only runs on Win 9x.
If your app is strictly single-user, be sure to look into the embedded
FB server.
I develop on SS, so my app will run on all Win OS's.
Of course, I haven't listed everything, but this'll get you going.
If you are serious about using FB, you MUST buy Helen Borrie's Firebird
As far as I know, it's the only book written in English for Firebird.
(I haven't chkd in a few months.)

Good luck.
I hope you enjoy learning/using FB as much as I have.
You've found a great site for help.
Sam Hunt