Subject Re: [firebird-support] locate O'Connor
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Sam,

> sql.strings[2]:='where
> upper(Last_Name)='+#39+uppercase(dbeditLastName.Text)+#39+' ';
> errors when dbeditLastName.Text contains an apostrophe (single
> quote) in the name, as in O'Connor. The query reports that "Connor"
> is an unknown token.

Apostrophes have to be escaped with another apostrophe. In Delphi, do

sql.strings[2] := 'where upper(Last_Name)='
+ AnsiQuotedStr( uppercase(dbeditLastName.Text), '''' );

AnsiQuotedStr puts quote characters (specified in second arg) around
the string given in the first arg, and doubles any quote chars that
are in the string.

With single-byte character sets, you can also use

QuotedStr( s )

which is equivalent to

AnsiQuotedStr( s, '''' )

(Please note that '''' passes just *one* single-quote character to
the function.)

Paul Vinkenoog