Subject Re: Connecting ASP page with firebird.fdb etc.
Author Adam
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> Dear List
> I use an application on a PDA, with SQLLite db, to produce a TEXT
file on a
> server on a local PC. On the Server side an ASP page needs to push
the data
> from the TEXT file into the Firebird.fdb. We need to synchronise
the two
> sides.. ie SQLlite db on the PDA with Firebird DB on the Server
> Can the ASP page connect with the firebird.dbf?
> If so how.?

Through the ODBC or .NET drivers I imagine. It has been years since I
used ASP, but we connected to access through ODBC, so I don't imagine
it would be too hard to use a/the Firebird ODBC driver. (Note: I am
not saying this is the best way, just one way I suspect will work).

I think there was a Win CE port attempted but it doesn't seem to have
made it to 1.5. I do not know if it is an active project, but you
could make the appropriate enquiries.