Subject Re: [firebird-support] Missing pointer page
Author Aage Johansen
Alexey Kovyazin wrote:
> Hello!
> Do you have a large table in database - with 600-700 000 000 records (or
> with size = 36.6Gb)?
> It may be one of the reasons of this error.
> Also, if you drop table when multiple user are connected (especially on
> Classic) this may be result of interception between actual on-disc data
> and cached metadata.

The table that was dropped had just 2 records. We're using Fb/1.5.2, and
the size of the database is 1.5GB.
Running "gfix -v -full ..." (on a copy of the database) completed without
any indication of problems.
The original database looked fine (after the server restart). I'll check
the log from the nightly backup.

[The table was dropped because we for some reason could not delete those
two records (some constraint violation on one of the fields, except we
couldn't see any constraints! Well, maybe we should try harder
...). Routines for doing metadata changes on a database have now been
reviewed (again)...]

Aage J.