Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: lost connections
Author Lester Caine
robertgilland wrote:

>>One problem that I have been getting on a new site is just this
> message ;)
>>The site has the latest VOIP telephone system, and it clogs the
> network
>>since they have not bothered to check bandwidth :(
>>NOW how do I convince them that it's not *MY* problem ;)
> The problem we are finding is that this is happenning randomly on
> a non client machine ie. there is no network involved.

Are you sure?
One of the main problems I have with stand alone machines is WINDOWS
switching off TCP/IP when it losses the cable. Intermittent problems
come from occasional breaks in the internet connection which stop and
restart network services - even though you do not expect it.
So in a stand alone system are you connecting using local protocol, or
TCP/IP, and is there any internet connection on the machine ?

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