Subject RE: [firebird-support] lost connections
Author Steffen Heil

> Which platform are you running on the clients and server? If
> its xp sp2 you could be running in to the hard limit imposed
> on the number of tcp connections. This can apply on either
> the server or client, but in most cases its the client that
> closes the connection.
> You can apply a patch which can be found here
> to change that setting from 10 to
> whatever you like, they suggest 100.

To put that straight: Windows does NOT have a hard limit on the number of
tcp connections. It didn't, it doesn't and it propably never will. (Except
for the limit at some thousand connctions that is imposed by the resources
for the tcp stack itself.)

Windows XP SP2 DOES bring a "feature" to limit the number of concurrently
OPENING connections. NOT OPENED. That means you can only make connections at
a certain rate. This is to minimize impact of virii and such.

No discussion about use or abuse, but this will not in any way drop
connection (that existed in the first place).
And your database software should no connect that rapidly. Use connection
pools or simply keep the connection open. It will speed up you app.


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