Subject Re: Determine Application is running on Server
Author Adam
--- In, "Steve Harp" <steve@h...>
> Hi All,
> I have a customer that wants certain process restricted to the
> computer that is actually running the Firebird Server (not client
> machines).

Is embedded Firebird an option?

> The way I'm currently doing this is by checking the
> TIB_Connection.Server property and, if it's or localhost,
> let the process run. Is there a better way? I can see this failing
> if the server property contains the computer's local IP address
> instead of indicating local host.

Its a bit tricky, I mean you could relatively easily get the IP
address(es) of the local machine using Delphi (google how).

However it might also contain a domain name or some other host name.
This can be converted to a real IP address using one of the Indy
components (google how)