Subject Re: [firebird-support] How "Experimental" is FB 1.5.2 Classic for Windows Now?
Author Ann W. Harrison
Leyne, Sean wrote:
> In fact, the Classic engine was the only version of Interbase which was
> available. The SuperServer engine has introduced with v5.0 and then the
> Classic was deprecated as of v6.0 (or was it 5.5?).

While agreeing that Classic is solid - on Windows as it always has been
elsewhere - I've got to comment on the history. V4.0 was the first
version of InterBase that ran on 32-bit windows and it ran only
SuperServer. That architecture was developed to address Windows
interprocess issues which would have crippled a classic version.
Borland decided to adopt SuperServer as the one true architecture in V5,
largely abandoning their Unix customer base, many of whom continue to
run V4 to this day. Firebird V1.5 includes the first classic version of
InterBase or Firebird to run on Windows.