Subject Re: [firebird-support] select birthdays from the next several days
Author Christian Brümmer
Hi Arno,

Arno Brinkman wrote:

> Check on ((Month * 100) + Day)

That's an interesting idea.

I was skeptic, if it is working and I was true: this also has a problem,
when the year is changing:

currentday = 2005-12-22 = 1222
currentday + 14 = 2006-01-06 = 106

So it will list all the people, except the ones, which have birthday. ;-)

I think, I will work with a shadow column (mmdd), which is update by a
trigger and a stored procedure to get the data (because of the year change).

As I said: an easy question (and an easy problem), but not so easy to
develop (in a one-liner).

Thanks all for your input