Subject Re: select birthdays from the next several days
Author davidalbiston
I was thinking along the lines of

where cast(Extract(Year from current_date) ||'-'|| Extract(Month from
DoB) ||'-'|| Extract(Day from DoB) as date)
between current_date and current_date + 13

This fails if the birthday is 29th February and the current year is
not a leap year. To handle those, I think you cannot avoid a stored


--- In, Christian Brümmer
<christian@b...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> thanks for all your answers:
> >>select Birthday
> >>from Persons
> >>where cast('2000-' || extract(month from Birthday) || '-' ||
> >>from Birthday) as date) between [...]
> I'm sorry to say, that this will fail during the end of the year.
> Any other ideas or improvements?
> Best regards
> Christian