Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird SS 1.5.2 and MSSQL ODBC
Author Bogusław Brandys
Adam wrote:
> You do realise that both DBMS have a job to do. They both need to
> store and retrieve data, serve user requests, and do enough
> housekeeping to efficiently do it.
> Database engines are generally resource hungry. They will demand I/O,
> CPU, and RAM (although I suspect that MSSQL will want more of that
> than FB). You haven't made clear what you meant by "just installed".
> If you mean that you have installed the service, have not installed
> any databases etc, then I would be looking elsewhere for your problem.
> If you are running queries against Firebird, then it doesn't take a
> rocket scientist to work out that I/O, CPU and RAM that could have
> been entirely dedicated to MSSQL now has to be shared with FB.
> As far as your second concern goes, it is not difficult to back up the
> aliases.conf. As far as the Firebird.conf goes, there are some things
> you want to set to optimise for Classic (like switching off guardian etc).
> Adam

MSSQl is not installed on this computer.Only software that connects to
it using ODBC.Firebird SS was installed and even when no database open -
there was a problem with performance of this "other software using ODBC
to connect to MSSQL"
To be sure that nobody connect to Firebird SS when "other software' are
working I needed to remove it and install embedded.The problem is gone
so far and "other software" is running at twice speed now.This is fact.I
suspect that HyperThreading is causing that.

Boguslaw Brandys