Subject Re: How to make a table read-only?
Author russellbelding
Thanks Adam. The list of users changes often. So constraining uses
is not attractive. The datafile cannot be made read-only. Adding
before-update and before-delete trigggers with exceptions in the
triggers will allow insertions.


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> > I have some look-up tables I'd like to make read-only. One way
to do
> > this is to put before-update, before-insert, before-delete
> > on
> > these tables and in the triggers place exceptions. Any
suggestions of
> > other ways to make a table a read-only-table?
> > Thanks
> > Russell Belding
> Deny insert and update and delete permissions to the applicable
> or roles. (which may be everyone other than SYSDBA). Obviously
> needs write permissions at some stage or the table will be empty.
> There is also an option to make the entire database read only. But
> trigger option will also work.
> Adam