Subject RE: [firebird-support] unavailable database message error
Author Alan McDonald
> I've been using FireBird 1.5 for last 3 months and everything was OK.
> But now I had to change the computer and then I got a problem!
> After reinstaling it, I tested from command line if the server is
> running and it is (local machine).
> But some programs, like Delphi 7, IBOConsole and some other .exe
> seems not to "see" it, and returns messages like "unavailable
> database"
> Here are some messages returned from IBOConsole:
> Error logging into the requested server.
> Detail Message:
> Cannot attach to services manager
> Communication Diagnostics
> Local Server
> An Server error has occurred while attaching.
> Error - ISC ERROR CODE:335544375
> unavailable database
> Server Communication Test Failed!
> Now I sttoped all my work! What's happening?

firewall? port 3050 open? Service running?
TCP transport installed?
ping servername
from the client
if OK then try
telnet servername 3050
if you get a blank screen it's OK, if you get and error, then one of the
above is not there