Subject Re: [firebird-support] grant sgestockviewer to GRANT;
Author Nando Dessena

>>e.g. grant sales to GRANT;

H> i.e. it's not legal syntax to grant an object.

I assumed sales was a role.

H> However, when it comes to permissions and other SQL database-level stuff, a
H> username is handled as an identifier and hence, if it is a word that isn't
H> a legal identifier, it cannot be used "raw" without conflicting with checks
H> on keywords.

perhaps it could, but we'd need a new parser.

H> Really, it would be best if all parents were given a copy of the SQL
H> reserved words before registering their children's names, to avoid
H> potential conflicts with keywords. :-))

Luckily my parents had one. :-)

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