Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded success!
Author Brad Pepers
Nando Dessena wrote:
> Brad,
> B> 2. The firebird.conf just needs to have one line with RootDirectory=?
> B> where ? is the directory you put the files.
> B> 4. In your code you need to set the FIREBIRD environment variable to
> B> point to the directory where you setup the local Firebird environment.
> I'm far from being a Firebird expert when it comes to CS on Linux, but
> I suspect that you only need one of those, preferably the latter.

I tried it without and both are actually needed. Setting the env var
should be enough and should be the required part but if the
firebird.conf file wasn't there the isc_attach_database call would
actually kill the process without an error message or anything. Not a
very good thing for a library to do but adding the firebird.conf file
fixed it even though its extra and shouldn't be needed.

The process death is easy enough to see. Just do everything above
except creating the firebird.conf file and then try using isql to do
anything and you will find it just exits back to the shell prompt
without a message or anything.

Brad Pepers