Subject Re: User lockouts
Author Robin Cumming

Yes Firebird definitely thinks the user is still connected, as we
use the IBX Admin components to determine whether the user is logged
in or not. The Admin component apparently gets the logged in status
from Firebird itself. And the program will not let the user re-
connect while Firebird still rpeorts the user as connected.

Is it possible that once the client disconnects via task manager
Firebird then starts a rollback process, and only when this is
completed will Firebird release the connection ?


> Rob,
> Are you suggesting that Firebird thinks that your user is still
> for around 20 minutes after the freeze?
> Firebird doesn't prevent a connection being made, so I am guessing
> is your application logic that does this. It could be a TCP
Timeout of
> some sort that Firebird is happy to wait 20 minutes without a keep
> alive packet before deciding the client is gone.
> > Any suggestions on the cause of the problem and what we can do
to fix ?
> try
> -- do whatever in here
> finally
> con.close
> end;
> Adam