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I thought that Classic wasn't available for Windows yet.

Is connection pooling done via the application or via firebird somehow?

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> We have our application hosted via ASP. We are moving data around and
> the end our ASP will have one data server that will have ~400 users
> connecting to ~100 databases (average 4 connections per database). The

> server is an HP Proliant ML370 G3. Dual XEON 2.8Ghz Processors, 4GB
> RAM, approximately 200GB of disk storage, running Firebird,

> super server install.
> Does this sound like an acceptable setup?
> Can firebird handle that number of connections?
> Is there a guide to this kind of stuff somewhere?

OK, I'll try since I have been asking about that myself. Your milage
may vary.

First, get a copy of The Firebird Book (Borrie). In it is says that
the theoretical max number of connections per server is 1024 but you
may really get no more than 930 +/-.

If the HP Proliant is running Windows, then:
If you are going to use more than one CPU, then consider Classic
Server. It uses resources differently than SuperServer. SS must have
affinity set to only one processor or it may actually slow down rather
than speed up with more processors. There are articles available at that tell you about the differences between the servers.

For more guidance on max number of concurrent users, search this list
for that. With connection pooling, you can serve a lot of users with

We use SS for most installations but are going Classic for any
installation with enough resources and multiple CPUs. Growing one to
900 +/- users through Xmas.

Hope this helps.



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