Subject Re: User lockouts
Author Adam
--- In, "Robin Cumming"
<rgc4000@y...> wrote:
> We are using Firebird 1.5x on a Win2003 server with a Delphi 5 based
> application. We are experiencing hangs in the application (no doubt
> due to bad code), the user then ends the process/application with task
> manager, and restarts the application. However Firebird will not allow
> the user to re-connect for about 20 minutes. The program uses IBX
> components to test whether the user is connected to FB, and FB reports
> the user is still connected even after disconnecting and re-starting,
> thus the 20 minute wait.


Are you suggesting that Firebird thinks that your user is still active
for around 20 minutes after the freeze?

Firebird doesn't prevent a connection being made, so I am guessing it
is your application logic that does this. It could be a TCP Timeout of
some sort that Firebird is happy to wait 20 minutes without a keep
alive packet before deciding the client is gone.

> Any suggestions on the cause of the problem and what we can do to fix ?
-- do whatever in here