Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBPP
Author Olivier Mascia
On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 17:14:00 -0000,
"Amarjit Singh" <softhut@...> wrote:

AS> I want to use IBPP for Firebird using VC++ 6.0, but i am very novice
AS> at VC++ command line interface...can anuybody plz help me out with
AS> this.

The IBPP 'Makefile' is a GNU compatible makefile, not a Microsoft
makefile. So for MSVC6, follow these instructions :

(1) Visit and download
From this archive, extract make.exe and zsh.exe, store them in a
directory in your PATH. Rename zsh.exe to sh.exe.

(2) On some Microsoft Visual Studio configurations, the required
environment variables are not always pre-defined. Some programmers
prefer to start a prompt and run the VCVARS32.BAT file (Microsoft
provided in the compiler Bin directory) to set the required PATH and
other variables prior to compiling. If when type CL in a dos box, you
get a file not found error, then be sure to run the VCVARS32.BAT found
in your Visual Studio BIN directory.

(3) Change directory to the IBPP source code and run :

make IBPP_WINDOWS=1 IBPP_MSVC=1 # Release build
make IBPP_WINDOWS=1 IBPP_MSVC=1 DEBUG=1 # Debug build

(4) You'll find the resulting .lib(s) in the debug\win32_mvsc and
release\win32_msvc subdirectories.

(5) Alternatively for MSVC 7.1, just open the ibpp.sln with your VStudio
IDE and hit Build.

For further help, please subscribe to the ibpp-discuss mailing-list and
let's continue this thread there (not here as this is not specifically a
support question regarding Firebird itself).


Olivier Mascia <om at tipgroup dot com>